SIRONA WORLD 2018 - Booth 1218

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“I am truly amazed how much my clinical workflow and results have improved since using Pascal Cord. The retraction and isolation of the margin is like no product I have ever used. It's a true game changer that I cannot practice without.”

DiaShine is one of the best polishing agents I have ever used. It allows me to create a natural finish to my restorations without destroying the texture and characterization I worked so hard to put in. I cannot recommend DiaShine more.”


Resident Faculty, Cerec Doctors


Show Specials

You can either pre-order these specials by completing the form below or join us at booth 1218 to order your show specials.


DiaShine® Show Specials

  • Pre-order DiaShine® Intra Oral Single Use Box (25 doses) at $125 and receive 2nd box at 30% off (Choose your brushes).

  • Buy any finishing kit and receive extra brushes

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Pascal® Show Specials

  • All retraction cord buy (2) get a cord packer free ($25.75 retail value)

  • All hemostatic gel buy (1) 12-pack get a R-50 or R-55 cord packer free ($25.75 retail value)

  • Hemostatic pellets buy any (2) boxes get a box of Racellet #3 pellets free ($33.00 retail value)

  • Hemostatic liquid buy (1) -15ml get (1) - 15 ml free ($18.75 retail value)

  • Buy (1) Hydent Sticks get (1) Hydent Sticks free ($21.95 retail value)


To pre-order the specials, complete the form below and we will reach out to you to gather order details. You can also visit us at the show at Booth #1218 to order the show special.

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Show Samples

1 each sample Pascal Retraction Cord of the following: 

Siltrax A.S. 00, Siltrax EPI 1, Siltrax Plus 0, Knittrax 00, Knittrax 000

1 each sample:

Hydent Sticks, Citrizyme/Isolator, Hemostatic Pellet, 1 Cord Holder



Stop by our Booth (1218) for a chance to win one of (2) Samsung 40" 4k LED TV's