David Hornbrook Lithium Disilicate Polishing Kit

Make the necessary occlusal and interproximal adjustments, re-polish the lab fabricated restoration back to a glaze-like finish in four steps.

DHLD1s (1).jpg

Step 1: DiaTrim Dentist Green Diamond Bonded Ceramic Stone

Make necessary adjustment with DTD905 at 8K - 12K rpm


Step 3: DiaFlex Dentist Pink Fine Diamond Silicone Polisher

Prep smoothed surface for final Polish With Desired DFD Pink Polisher at 9k - 10k rpm Using Light Contact Pressure


Step 2: DiaFlex Dentist Blue Medium Diamond Rubber Pre Polisher

Smooth the Recountered surface with desired DFD Blue Polisher at 7k - 9k rpm


Step 4: DiaShine Dentist Intra Oral Fine Diamond Polish with desired brush

Apply a minimal amount of Diashine Dentist Intra Oral Fine to Surface (Rub polish onto surface by finger or extrude directly onto restoration). After spreading paste onto surface, continue polishing with desired brush* at 8k - 10k rpm with light to medium pressure