Blue State

1. Remove the sprue with Sintered Diamond - Light contact pressure, 10k rpm max
2. Smooth the surface and remove any striations/scratches from the mill process (prep for initial polish) with BH 213A Wheel - light contact pressure, 6k – 8k rpm
3. Initial Polish with DiaShine Fine Yellow and Stiff SHP Bristle Brush, 8k – 10k rpm. Rotate the crown in your fingers and use slightly more pressure on the pull stroke for the axial surface. For the occlusal surface, use firmer pressure on the pull stroke.

Sinter, Stain, and Glaze

1. Final Polish with the Fine Soft Pink and Soft SHP Bristle Brush, 8k – 10k rpm. Use moderate contact pressure.
2. Finally go over the entire restoration with the Chamois Centre Soft Bristle SHP Brush DRY - 10k – 15k rpm with a light touch.