What Is Diashine

Premier Diamond Polish

Diashine Polishing Compound is the premier polishing paste for every dental restorative material.  The combination of our unique carrier (binder) with our specific sized & shaped diamond particles make polishing less wasteful and creates a very quick high lustre finish.
DiaShine, comprised of food grade materials, is completely water soluble and versatile using the paste/brush technique allowing the user to easily reach the entire anatomy.  Used as recommended, DiaShine does not remove the restorative material therefore keeping the morphology and integrity of the restoration intact. 

By polishing with DiaShine, a much smoother surface is achieved, which may enhance bio-compatibility with gingiva, reduce wear of the opposing dentition and lessen the chance of surface micro fractures.

The Benchmark Polish

DiaShine has been the polish of choice for labs, doctors & clinicians for over fifteen years and is considered by worldwide top dental professionals as the benchmark polish for dental restorations. See what industry leaders are saying about our benchmark polishes by clicking here.

Enamel-like Finish

DiaShine produces an aesthetically pleasing natural, high lustre, “enamel-like” finish which greatly rivals that of a glazed restoration while producing a smoother finish.